Foam Curtain






Under Carriage Wash

The Under Carriage flushes snow, ice, salt, sand and road grime from the bottom of your vehicle.



Bulldog Wheel Brush

Penetrates and cleans excess brake dust residue from the wheel rims and tires automatically, which expedites vehicle production and reduces labor.



Accelerator Top Wheel

Cleans horizontal surfaces that are hard to reach such as windshield "eyebrows".



S2S Mitter Curtain

The Water Works Side To Side Mitter Curtain stands only 10 feet tall and still has vehicle clearance of 90 inches! It adds cleaning punch for side windows and windshields.




Rockerz Side Wheels

Rockerz™ are designed to clean the lower sides and the front and rear quarter panels, as well as the wheels and tires.



Low Rider Side Wheel Brushes

Low Riders clean lower vertical surfaces such as wheels, tires and rocker panels.

The 5° wash angle provides excellent wash coverage on the lowest area of the sides of vehicles from the door handles all the way down to the bottom of the door sills.



High Boy Side Wheel Brushes

High Boy Side Wheels are designed to scrub the sides of vehicles from the rims to the top of the side windows from the front grill all the way to the rear tail light.


Super Shiner

Dispenses exactly the right amount of  tire dressing to make your tires look brand new.


Mini Wraps

Scrubs the front, sides and the rear of vehicles. They wash from the rims to the top of the side windows, from the front grill all the way to the rear license plate.



High Speed Wrap Arounds

High Speed Wrap Arounds wash the front, sides and back of all vehicle types from the bottom of the wheels and rocker panels all the way up to the top of the windows and the edge of the roof. Ensuring your vehicle is completely clean. And they do not marr the vehicles service.

 Profiler Dryer

Air One Profiler Dryers allow adequate drip space between the final rinse arch and the first dryer air producer. The Profiler usually is the first dryer to meet the cars.

Damage-Free Cloth Nozzle Extensions.

Color Skinz™ snap-on structure wrap.

92% Premium Efficiency, UL approved, Marathon® Blue Chip™ motors.

Each Air Producer uses one 10 HP electric motors 208/230/460V.

Surprisingly quiet, harmonically balanced air producers. 88dBa or less!


Air One Dryer

Air One Profiler Dryers produce the "dry" part of "Clean, Shiny, Dry" cars. The Air One Profiler 30HP uses (3) 10HP premium efficiency motors and harmonically balanced air producers to deliver 5 producers worth of work in an efficient, 30hp package. The closest thing to hand drying.



Dry ‘N Shine

The first obstacle for the old machines was dirt. Even though the drying machine was supposed to be wiping clean cars, the drying material quickly became contaminated with dirt over a few days time and eventually transferred the dirt back onto the vehicles.


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